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Austin: A Top Opportunity for Real Estate Investing in Texas

Real estate investors search for a city where their investment will earn them the most money. Look no further than the opportunities for real estate investing in Texas. For years, one of the top picks has been Austin. It consistently ranks among the best places in the United States to invest in because of the … read more

Criteria to Choose a Property Tax Consultant Right for You

Lots of guidelines exist to help you choose a property tax consultant who is best for you. Two top criteria exist. First, make sure they have experience dealing with the type of commercial property you own. Secondly, they should have a proven track record of saving real estate owners money on their annual property tax … read more

Accurate Appraisal Key to Effective Real Estate Plan

Paramount Analysts cannot stress enough how critical it becomes for you to hire one of our qualified appraisers to conduct an accurate appraisal of all your belongings for your real estate plan. Don’t overlook a comprehensive and fair valuation of real property, personal property such as family heirlooms, jewelry, vehicles and equipment, bank accounts, and … read more

Commercial Real Estate after Hurricane Harvey to Rebound Soundly

Commercial real estate after Hurricane Harvey stormed through the Houston area took a beating. The strongest hurricane to rip through the area since 1961 dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the region, causing as much as $65 billion in damages. While expected to suffer from lost business in the months ahead, the area’s … read more

Avoid These Common Mistakes in Estate Planning!

Developing an estate plan is essential in managing your assets. The plan ensures your wishes get carried out after your death. It also reduces the stress on your loved ones and eliminates costly disputes. When developing your plan, avoid making these seven common mistakes in estate planning. Common Mistakes in Estate Planning A proper estate … read more

Diversify Your Portfolio with Commercial Property Investments

Commercial property investments are a great way to grow your wealth and security, provide tax benefits and increase the diversity of your investments. However, before you sign that check make sure you do your homework. Performing thorough market research will help you discover if the property is right for you. With this knowledge and an … read more

Trends for Dallas Commercial Properties in 2017

The year-end commercial property analysis for 2016 forecasts a bright future for Dallas, Texas! Indeed, with a diverse economy and a strong labor force, investors and corporations are making their way to this metropolitan Texas city. Economic Drivers Impressive employment growth, a business-friendly environment and a stable cost of living are a few of the … read more

Trends for Austin Commercial Properties in 2017

The ongoing influx of people and business from all parts of the country contribute positively to forecasted trends in Austin commercial properties this year, making this region a hot commodity for investors and business owners alike. Economic Drivers The city of Austin, Texas is widely recognized for its chic, trendy atmosphere and commands the attention … read more

Meet Michelle McMullan!

Only one year away from her goal of receiving her Certified General Appraiser License, Michelle McMullan is continuously expanding her knowledge on a wide selection of real estate. Here’s why Michelle enjoys expanding her knowledge of appraising while working with Paramount Property Analysts! Interview with Michelle McMullan At what stage are you in your education/training? … read more

Trends for Houston Commercial Properties in 2017

As the economy continues to recover from the decline in the energy sector, there are some great deals and changes in the availability of Houston commercial properties. Economic Drivers and Recovery As 2017 commences, Houston’s economy continues to advance through recovery mode and we expect to see some exciting opportunities arise in this city. Kicking … read more