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Avoid These Common Mistakes in Estate Planning!

Developing an estate plan is essential in managing your assets. The plan ensures your wishes get carried out after your death. It also reduces the stress on your loved ones and eliminates costly disputes. When developing your plan, avoid making these seven common mistakes in estate planning. Common Mistakes in Estate Planning A proper estate … read more

Documents Included When Preparing an Estate Plan

Preparing an estate plan requires the inclusion of several important documents. And each document plays an important role in carrying out your wishes after you have passed! Knowing what to include in your estate plan and including accurate valuations of your property covers and ensures all aspects of your estate. Wills When preparing an estate … read more

Include An Appraiser in Your Estate Planning Process!

Estate planning can be stressful. However, appraisers can ease this process by providing accurate values for your real estate properties. Enlisting the help of an accredited appraiser allows you and your beneficiaries to be well-educated on the worth of your real estate. This knowledge makes it easier on your loved ones after you’ve passed on. … read more

Estate Planning

Do you know what will happen to your assets and belongings after you are gone? Having an estate plan in place guarantees that your wishes are known. For some people, the term “estate planning” may bring to mind expensive mansions and collections of fine art. However, the truth is that nearly all Americans can benefit … read more