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The Importance of an Appraisal in an Insurance Claim

Insurance: you carry it to protect your property. If you’re like most people, though, you hope never to file a claim. That’s understandable. Unfortunately, things happen, and damage to your property can be sudden and unexpected. In these cases, you’ll be grateful that you have insurance, and thankful for the damages your policy will cover. … read more

Why is it Important to get a Land Appraisal in Texas?

If you own land in Texas, having a recent appraisal on the property is essential. Many people who buy and sell property don’t fully understand the importance of an assessment, or how land valuation professionals determine the value of a property. Today, appraisals are critical to the estate planning process and are especially important in … read more

Important Commercial Property Questions to Ask Before Buying

Determine whether you should invest your money in a Commercial Property project by asking seven crucial questions.  Getting the answers you need to your commercial property questions could give you the confidence to decide whether the property will provide you a handsome return once you own it.  Do Your Homework Before Buying a Commercial Property … read more

Part 2: Top 10 Questions About Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

In part two of this series on common questions about commercial real estate appraisals, we explain the different types of appraisals qualified appraisers may use to determine an accurate value of the site and more. In part one, we looked at some basic aspects of these appraisals. Read on to demystify this process. More Common Questions … read more

Part 1: Top 10 Questions About Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

You are planning to open your first nightclub in College Station, Texas, and need to know how much to spend on a new building you have your eye on. However, asking for commercial real estate appraisals scare you. We can help you become more familiar with this report by addressing 10 common questions in a … read more

How Can You Make the Commercial Appraisal Process Faster?

Normally, a commercial appraisal should take three to four weeks to produce. But often this process can take much longer. Several delays can hinder making a commercial appraisal process faster. These derail a qualified appraiser trying to collect all the information and documentation necessary to determine an accurate value on the property.  Common Problems in … read more

Three Appraising Approaches Determine Commercial Property Values

Planning to buy or sell commercial property? Make sure to get an accurate appraisal. Certified appraisers, like the ones at Paramount Property Analysts, can help you. We consider three appraising approaches to give you a clear picture of your commercial property’s worth. These include the Cost, Sales Comparison and Income Capitalization approaches. Three Appraising Approaches … read more

Investing in Land Can Produce Large Payoffs If You Do the Research

One of the most overlooked real estate investments includes investing in land. But this can become a huge opportunity. Find a bargain property poised for a huge payoff by doing some thorough research. Not only do you benefit financially but land offers advantages over other types of real estate, i.e. no tenants. Investing in Land … read more

Bryan-College Station: An Emerging Real Estate Investing Opportunity

While Austin remains undoubtedly desirable for investment, Bryan-College Station also has begun to make a name for itself. This once tiny railroad stop has recently experienced explosive growth becoming a real estate investing opportunity. Mixed-use projects, hotels, shopping centers, Class A office space and other commercial developments near the Texas A&M campus all offer attractive … read more

Austin: A Top Opportunity for Real Estate Investing in Texas

Real estate investors search for a city where their investment will earn them the most money. Look no further than the opportunities for real estate investing in Texas. For years, one of the top picks has been Austin. It consistently ranks among the best places in the United States to invest in because of the … read more