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Do You Know What Your Property is Worth?

Video Transcript

Do you know what your commercial property is worth? Are you sure that the “great deal” you’re considering investing in is really worth the risk? Are you confident that you’re getting every dollar you can out of the sale of your farm or ranch?

I’m Brian M. Stephen, managing member of Paramount Property Analysts and along with my partner, Tim Mayfield and the entire Paramount team, I’d like to invite you to reach out to us to make sure that you can answer these questions with the answer, “Yes!”

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation across the State of Texas for providing the best possible appraisal services to buyers and sellers of commercial, retail and industrial properties. We have extensive experience working with investors considering rural properties such as ranches and farms, as well as multi-family, student housing and special use properties. With six offices located throughout the great state of Texas, we have personal knowledge of the commercial and rural real estate markets all along the southern US.

If you’re considering buying, selling or including commercial or rural real estate in your estate plan or trust, make sure you know the true value of your assets first. We’ll provide you with the best in customer service and make sure you know exactly what your property is worth,.

Call Paramount Property Analysts at our College Station Headquarters at 866.269.8999, or visit to see our range of services and get in touch with one of our regional offices in Texas.

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