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A Tactical Guide to Maximize Texas Commercial Property Value

When it comes to unlocking the true potential of your commercial property in Texas, strategic insights and local expertise matter. By tailoring your strategies to the unique characteristics of the local market, you can position your property for long-term success.   The bustling commercial real estate landscape in Texas brings unique opportunities and challenges. Property … read more

What is an MAI Appraiser, and Why Should it Matter to you?

Land valuations and appraisals are essential parts of owning commercial real estate in Texas. Looking for a commercial real estate appraiser? There are a few things you should know about the MAI designation, and why working with an MAI-designated appraiser could be so beneficial for you. What is an MAI? An elite group of appraisers … read more

Criteria to Choose a Property Tax Consultant Right for You

Lots of guidelines exist to help you choose a property tax consultant who is best for you. Two top criteria exist. First, make sure they have experience dealing with the type of commercial property you own. Secondly, they should have a proven track record of saving real estate owners money on their annual property tax … read more

Day in The Life of an Appraiser

Property appraisers provide objective and impartial opinions on the value of different properties—both commercial and rural. Although numerous banks and business people enlist the services of an appraiser, most are unaware of an appraiser’s process or exactly how property values are determined. To give you a glimpse into our profession and what life is like … read more

Meet Michelle McMullan!

Only one year away from her goal of receiving her Certified General Appraiser License, Michelle McMullan is continuously expanding her knowledge on a wide selection of real estate. Here’s why Michelle enjoys expanding her knowledge of appraising while working with Paramount Property Analysts! Interview with Michelle McMullan At what stage are you in your education/training? … read more