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What is an MAI Appraiser, and Why Should it Matter to you?

Land valuations and appraisals are essential parts of owning commercial real estate in Texas. Looking for a commercial real estate appraiser? There are a few things you should know about the MAI designation, and why working with an MAI-designated appraiser could be so beneficial for you. What is an MAI? An elite group of appraisers … read more

Why Real Estate is Such a Great Investment!

If you own real estate, you know that real estate valuations are at a high point today. This is great news for property owners, and it’s a trend that shows signs of continuing for years to come. If you don’t own any Texas property, either commercial real estate or residential property; now is an excellent … read more

How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

If you own property in Texas, it’s time to start thinking about estate planning and management. No matter how much property you have, it’s critical to understand the land valuation process, since this impacts everything from taxes to inheritance.  We believe one of the first steps to take is to hire an estate planning attorney … read more

Why is it Important to get a Land Appraisal in Texas?

If you own land in Texas, having a recent appraisal on the property is essential. Many people who buy and sell property don’t fully understand the importance of an assessment, or how land valuation professionals determine the value of a property. Today, appraisals are critical to the estate planning process and are especially important in … read more

Appraising Rural Properties Requires a Highly Qualified Appraiser

Moving from the city to the country sounds like a pretty simple thing to do. However, calculating how much you should pay for country living often becomes anything but simple. Appraising rural properties typically is the most difficult type of real estate to place a true value on. It often takes finding a highly qualified … read more

Live Your Dream of Being a Cowboy by Investing in a Ranch

Take time to research the “typical” day of a rancher before investing in a ranch. A realistic vision of the lifestyle and all of its hard work and rewards will likely help you become more successful. Enjoy living out your dream of being a cowboy in Texas. Before Investing in a Ranch Know What to … read more

Are You Considering an Investment in Texas Real Estate?

Paramount Property Analysts has six locations perfect for investors looking for Texas real estate. Each location has experienced professionals who provide fair and accurate appraisals on commercial or rural investment property. Discover the opportunities each location offers as you search for the perfect Texas real estate investment! College Station College Station is probably best known … read more

Purchasing Rural Property in Texas

Purchasing rural property in Texas can be an excellent investment­—if you do your homework first. When you are looking for land away from the hustle and bustle of the city, be sure you are getting the best deal with a valuation from Paramount Property Analysts! With a growing population, no income tax and a low … read more

Should I Buy a Texas Ranch?

Despite some challenges, buying a ranch in Texas can be an excellent long-term strategy. For those willing to invest in the infrastructure and upkeep needed for a successful beef ranching operation, Texas ranch land is a solid choice. Is Buying a Texas Ranch a Good Investment? If you are considering purchasing Texas ranch land, there … read more