Accurate Mineral Appraisals and Valuation from Paramount Property Analysts

Determining the quantity and type of minerals found beneath the surface requires experienced professionals. The results of this determination play a large part in the fair market value of your property.

The experienced appraisers at Paramount Property Analysts ensure the valuation of your land includes an accurate assessment of this aspect of property value. Our analysts and affiliated specialists are highly trained and certified to provide thorough assessments of mineral values in our appraisals.

Why You Need Professional Valuation of Minerals on Your Property

Understanding the presence, makeup, and concentration of minerals located on your land is a crucial part of providing and accurate valuation. In addition to providing an understanding of the possible current uses of your property, mineral appraisal may have a positive impact on the your property’s future value.

Indeed, with an accurate appraisal in hand, you can anticipate the effects of supply and demand on real estate pricing. Accurate mineral valuation also allows our clients to make important decisions about the future of their mineral interests. Subtle variations in mineral quality, quantity and ease of access have a large impact on the value of a property, even when compared to other properties in the vicinity.

Know What Your Assets Are Worth

In most instances, we recommend a thorough mineral appraisal to property owners looking for the fullest, clearest picture of their land’s value. Mineral appraisals are often required by third parties such as financial institutions involved in real estate transactions. Appraisals also play an important role in Estate Planning, setting up Limited Partnerships, Trusts and Property Partitions, and values associated with Property Taxes and Charitable Donations.

Similarly, these instances also require the services of a qualified mineral appraiser include:

  • Third-party reporting
  • Gifting property
  • Acquisition of property
  • Tax and litigation support
  • State and federal land appraisals
  • Fair compensation in eminent domain

Call Paramount Property Analysts for Professional Mineral Appraisal Services

Our appraisals reflect the collaboration of experienced property professionals working with our trusted partners. Together, we provide a thorough and accurate picture of the total value of your property. When you’re ready for an accurate valuation that includes of the minerals in your land, give us a call.